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          Got Manure?

          The Manure Monster®

            Why Separate?

            Reasons to Separate the Liquid, Manure and Bedding Coming
            Out of Your Barns

            Separation makes both the liquids and solids easier and more
            economical to handle.
            Separation allows year-round stacking of manure.
            It greatly reduces water run-off from stacked solids.
            You can use your center pivot irrigation system instead of
            renting high priced manure pumps or other equipment.
            You can reuse the water to flush your barns.
            The solids become easier to haul to the field.
            You reduce the solid build-up in your lagoon, minimizing the
            costs of maintaining your lagoon.
            Separation can help make your lagoon more "neighbor friendly".
            The separated solids can be composed so you can re-use the
            solids for bedding and have a value-added product to market
            off the farm.

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