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    Got Manure?

    The Manure Monster ®

      This Manure Monster® is shown operating on the Ben Mendonca family dairy
      in Tulare, California.
      • 950 head herd - 500 heifers
      • Flush system, 5 times per day
      • Slope screen over the Manure Monster®
      • Over 1,000 gpm on the slope screen
      • Operates year-round, 10 hours per day
      • Solids are dried and re-used for bedding


      The Manure Monster® dewatering system is simple in its design. The direct drive auger
      means no belts, chains or sprockets to maintain. All stainless steel construction
      means long service under a variety of conditions. Low horsepower means less energy
      used and lower operating costs.

      The Manure Monster® has a 300 gallon hopper for loading and an optional pump lid.
      The elevated tube design helps maintain plug. The amount of through-put varies with
      the type of bedding and feed concentration, but can range from 25 to 100 gpm.

      You can increase capacity by installing a second Manure Monster®.

      A vibrating screen unit, in proto-type right now, teamed with the Manure Monster®
      will work efficiently in dairies with flush systems.


      Dimensions: 48 inches wide, 91 inches high, 131inches long
      Power Requirements: 240/480, 3 phase
      Horsepower and RPM's: 5 or 10 hp models with 15 or 30 rpm's
      Construction: Stainless steel with carbon steel auger
      Customization: Customize to your specific operation.

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